MDX - What is Tuple?

by Kiran 14. March 2011 11:34

A Tuple uniquely identifies a cell or section of cube. Tuple is described by one member from each dimension seperated bu comma (,) and its enclosed with parentheses.

Some examples of tuples based Adventure Works sample cube.

([Date].[Calender].[2003].[H1 CY 2003].[Q1 CY 2004], [Customer].[Country].[India])

Tuple represented by single member is called simple tuple and not necessory to be enclosed within parentheses. ([Customer].[Country].[India]) is simple tuple and can be represented by [Customer].[Country].[India]

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SQL Server Analysis Services

Contained Database

by Amol 12. March 2011 03:56

What is contained database and how to create it is explained in earlier post Using Contained Database

Here is SQL query to list out contained database users who can connect to it. Any user like windows, group user or SQL Server user contained in database can connect to contained database

FROM db_Contained.sys.database_principals 
WHERE authentication_type IN (2, 3)

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SQL Server Denali

AdventureWorks Sample Databases for SQL Server Denali

by Kiran 11. March 2011 08:36

AdventureWorks Sample Databases for SQL Server Denali CTP1

AdventureWorks Sample Databases for SQL Server Denali is available to download. This release uses the AdventureWorks2008R2 and AdventureWorksDW2008R2 sample databases

Click here to download

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