MDX - What is Set?

by Kiran 14. March 2011 11:49

A Set is a collection of tuples which defined using same dimensions, both type and number. Set is enclosed within curly braces { and }. following is the example of set based on Adventure Works sample cube.

Tuples ([Customer].[Country].[India]) and ([Customer].[Country].[France]) are from exact same dimension. So collection of such tuples are valid Set.

{ ([Customer].[Country].[India]), ([Customer].[Country].[France]) }

A set can contain zero, one more tuples. A Zero Tuple Set is called as empty set. An enpty set is represented as

{ }

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SQL Server Analysis Services

MDX - What is Tuple?

by Kiran 14. March 2011 11:34

A Tuple uniquely identifies a cell or section of cube. Tuple is described by one member from each dimension seperated bu comma (,) and its enclosed with parentheses.

Some examples of tuples based Adventure Works sample cube.

([Date].[Calender].[2003].[H1 CY 2003].[Q1 CY 2004], [Customer].[Country].[India])

Tuple represented by single member is called simple tuple and not necessory to be enclosed within parentheses. ([Customer].[Country].[India]) is simple tuple and can be represented by [Customer].[Country].[India]

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SQL Server Analysis Services

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