Conceptual Data Model

by Amol 20. February 2011 10:04

Conceptual Data Model :

Conceptual data model includes most of the bussiness entities and relationships. And it does not contain detailed level of information about attributes and measures. Conceptual Data Model is often used in the Initial Planning Phase. 

Conceptual data model is created by gathering business requirements from various sources like business documents, discussion with functional teams, data analysts, business analysts, technical experts and reporting end users.

Conceptual Data Model - Highlights

  • Conceptual Data Model is the first step in to create a data model and is a almost clear and accurate visual representation of the business entities of an organization.
  • Conceptual Data Model provides high-level information about all the subject areas.
    It starts with main subject area of the business and then all the entities of each subject area are mentioned in detail.
  • Conceptual Data Model also describe each entity and its relationship with each other. The relationships are drawn by symbolic notation. i.e. One to one relationship, or one to many relationship or many to many relationship between the entities.
  • Conceptual Data Model is then used to build logical data model.

Figure below is an example of Adventure works Conceptual data model.


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